Consolidate our company as the most experienced and prestigious pre and post-sale service of natural stones in the eastern region of the country , through our team of highly qualified personnel who are experts in the usage of technology to create and develop projects. 


Meet all the needs of our customers through our experience in the management of natural stones. Provide a wide range of materials from the optimum stone deposits in the world and serve in the implementation of our customers’ projects, large or small. We aim to prioritize each and every one of your requirements and ensure satisfaction in every interaction.

About Us

We are a company with over one decade of experience in the management of natural stones and different kinds of marble and granite. This experience qualifies us to make the most appropriate recommendations on the use of noble materials. Our material, in addition to being beautiful and timeless, is highly durable and never goes out of style. We make sure to provide all of our customers with the finest material and service. Every aspect of our natural stone in your home, office or any other project reflects good taste and upmost value to your property. 

We offer the most complete range of carefully selected, natural and exotic stones brought from various countries around the world, especially from Italy, where the most exquisite marble, granite and semi precious stones in the world are extracted.